Changing the router configuration settings in order to access the Internet

If you are using router in a large office, the IP address that will be assigned to your router is generally The settings from the Internet are subject to very depending upon your ISP. But some basic information is provided here. Read it and configure your connection.

What is

The IP address is the default IP address for certain home broadband routers and broad bands as well as modems including Some 3Com Office Connect routers, Billion ADSL routers, Linksys SRW2024 managed switches. Similar to a number of different outers, which are available, in order to configure the settings of the router you will have to enter Depending upon the router you are using, you might have a different IP address for checking and changing the configuration page of your router. In most of the cases the following IP address is used for routers, which are used for official and large business purposes. For home and small office users the above-mentioned IP address is not used extensively. In such cases from other IP address is used in order to access the configuration page of the router.

What does do?

After getting the router, your 1st task will be to visit the IP address, or any other IP address depending upon the model of your router. You will have to open the browser and enter the following IP address in order to access the configuration page. You will have to enter the username and password, which is written on the documentation manual, or it might be disclosed to you by the retailer, from home you have purchased the router. After you open it, you will have to configure the settings in order to get access to the Internet, depending upon your ISP settings.

How to enter into IP

Depending upon the type of Internet connection you are taking from your ISP, settings for the router is subject to change, and it is completely dependent upon your ISP consideration. If you are using a static IP address for accessing the Internet, you will have to enter the static IP, which is used to connect to the Internet by going to the appropriate settings. Some Routers also have ADSL connections along with digital connections. In such cases you will have to enter your ADSL details, which are the username and password, followed by the type of connection you are having, which will be mentioned by your Internet service provider.