What is

In most of the Routers, which are sold outside the US, you will find that the configuration page of those routers is generally The configuration page is opened with the help of the IP address in most of the home broadband Routers. After opening the address, you will have to configure the settings and depending upon the settings provided by your Internet service provider or the broadband connection service provider. It is very easy to under the router, once you get all the details of the settings from your service provider. The details of configuring your router are given here. In this router, you can access its management console through a web browser at

What does do?

Once you open the configuration page, and enter the username and password, you can find all the settings, which you can configure, on your router. You find the most appropriate place, where you can enter or change the settings meant for accessing the Internet. Generally the broadband service provider’s give you static IP addresses is a dynamic IP address. If you are a normal user, you will get a dynamic IP address for accessing the Internet. It means the IP address will change every time you connect to the Internet, or restart your router from time to time.

How to login to

It is very easy to login to All you need to do is get into the control panel of your wireless router operation. You must login to the only clear evidence to address You can enter this address into your browser, you can copy the manual or you can click on to the button on the site. Most users frequently encounter access problems due to entering of wrong password. You can retrieve he username and password by resetting the router by turning it off and on.

How to enter the

The broadband service provider will recognize you as a customer with the help of a particular user ID and password. After opening the configuration page, you will get an option to configure your router with a dynamic IP address to connect to the Internet. Once you open the place, you will have to enter the identification number and the password, in order to connect to the Internet. The router will automatically arrange the requirements in order to connect to the Internet, with the user ID and password entered by you it is the easiest way of configuring your router to access the Internet through dynamic IP address.