The use of IP address , details

The IP address is one of the most common addresses for routers by different manufacturers. It can be helpful for a number of tasks. Apart from changing the settings it can also help you with administrative tasks. Read it for more information.. What is use of and other details.

What is IP address? is an IP address which is configured to almost all the routers. Which held that users to configure different settings of their router. The manufacturer makes the IP address attached with the device from, and the user cannot change it. After entering the IP address and the username and password, all the options would be available to the users to configure the way they are using the Internet or the connection.

What does IP address do?

After opening the website that is, you will have authorization to the router, and you can change a lot of settings, like DNS connections, ADSL username, password, different settings related to the Wi-Fi, RIP, Qi’s, and a lot of other features which are available on your router, which is the subject to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Apart from changing the  settings, it would also help you to do some other administrative tasks like blocking particular MAC addresses. Also blocking some kind of websites or a particular website from being accessed by the clients connected to the router. The IP address can also be used to ping a particular server. Or in order to reboot the router for some kind of problems in it. Thus, it can also be used as a way for troubleshooting.

How to enter the IP address

First click into the IP address https://www.192-168-1-1ip.com You can copy and paste the IP address to your browser for reaching the user interface of your router. You can also reach the user interface by clicking onto the enter button from the site. The most common problem that people face is entering the wrong password. Resetting your factory settings can easily retrieve the unknown username and password. There is a hidden reset button on every kind of device. Turn back the device to factory settings. If you are not sure about how to login, you can take help from others to login to this IP address is using for login to admin panel. 

Default Modem Router Passwords

Modem settings are important. If you have a good modem settings you can easily surfing on internet. Therefore must do this settings.