How to Reset Your Router

Planning to Reset Your Router? Below is a Step by Step Guide!

A router is the root for enjoying benefits of internet connection. There are times when we log out without being cautious. Nothing to worry as resetting router is now a piece of cake.

The internet has become a vital part of human life. Without it, we cannot survive in this world. Do you think that it is possible to enjoy fringe benefits of internet connection without a router? No, not at all! It is an electronic device that contributes in smooth networking all along various networks.

  1. Whether you send an email or browse Google, everything is possible through a router in a proper working condition.
  2. There are times when we commit small blunders thus resulting in paying heavily. Did you log out of the router? No problem! Log in again by supplying the security password.

What Happened? Did You Forget the Password?

Did you forget even that? Are you getting nightmares? Just chill as nothing is impossible in this world of high technology.

  1. High advancement in technology has opened the gateway towards coming out of all sorts of hassles in an enjoyable manner.
  2. Busy work schedule along with imbalanced lifestyle is the final result of the same.
  3. It is time to provide high level of relief to your mind thus preventing unnecessary lamentation. You have lost nothing.
  4. Resetting the password of your router is now a cup of tea.
    Below is an easy to follow guide that will definitely help you to come out of this difficult situation smoothly!.

Backing Up the Entire Setting of Your Router

First and foremost it is a good advice to go for :

  • Resetting the default password.
  • If you are familiar to it and recall the same, it is alright.
  • Else, go through the original documents..

You may also pay a visit to the website of the manufacturer of the router and fetch the default username and password for convenience.
On your way to carry with this procedure, it is advisable to be a bit careful. Though an easy process, but will erase all your existing settings as well as configurations. You need to start everything anew from the scratch. Hence, it is a great step to back up and save your entire settings.

Step by Step Instruction

It is high time to start with the operation! Below is a step by step guide that will be of great assistance to you:

  • Once you locate the Reset button, it needs to be pressed and hold for at least twenty seconds. After done, release. Flickering of all lights on the router indicates full rebooting of the entire router.
  • The next step is a bit interesting! The internet browser must be opened followed by typing the IP address of the router in the address bar. You will be taken to the login page where default username and password must be entered.
  • It is good to hit the login option rather than hitting the Enter key. The moment your router is in the setup utility, it is time to restore all previous configurations. It is now possible to setup the entire password anew.
  • IP addresses of routers vary on the basis of models manufactured. Though by default, username and password are admin and password respectively. Still, refer to the manual of the router for detailed information.

Shoot the change and restart with your work.