Default Router Password List

In the table below, user names and passwords of the most used modem brands in the world are shared. You can access your modem’s brand and access detailed information or if you haven’t found your modem, you can scroll down below.

Router BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://

How to Recover Router Password

What is the Best Way to Recover Username and Password of Your Router?

Recovering lost login details is now a cake walk. High advancement in technologies has really made each and everything possible

If you are running a gigantic organization, then it is very much essential to ensure proper functioning of your router. Lost username and password can now be easily recovered. It is recommended to stay away from the activity of bypassing security measures in association with network.

Get an Insight to Specific Solution

Performing a hard and fast router operation is not recommended in the very first step. Each and every problem has a specific solution.

  • Default username and password are not same for all routers.
  • In general, the default username and password for a router include:
  • Username – admin or administrator
  • Password – admin, password or
  • You may pay a visit to for further assistance

Resetting a Router is a Cake Walk Now

  • Gone are those days when you were supposed to carry on with hard and fast rule. With high advancement in technologies, everything seems to be within the clenched fist.
  • In case the default login details are not working, it indicates some sort of changes.
  • The change may take place either on your own or by the network administrator
  • Maximum routers are inclusive of small pinhole button on back or at the bottom part.
  • Pressing the same for about 15 minutes will help in easy resetting of the entire router
  • Once all your default settings get restored, you will be able to reset the username and password on your own.
  • After successful resetting, entering the setup screen will help in changing the password as desired.
  • Prior resetting, it is essential to re-enter settings regarding configuration.
  • ISP routers do not permit performing easy resetting of details.
  • You may contact the ISP for further assistance.
  • After logging in for the very first time, there will be a prompt regarding modification of password.
  • It is the indication that your password has been reset successfully.
  • Web accounts will help in readily resetting of username as well as password.

Troubleshooting is No More Required

There are chances that you may not recall your login details. These IDs are case sensitive due to which one needs to use them carefully. If you include space during creation, then you need to enter the same while logging in. Otherwise, it may lead towards further serious issues.

  • Troubleshooting seems to be a highly lengthy procedure
  • Rather, it is recommended to go with some alternative steps
  • It is a hassle free job as you need not give too much effort
  • Using a public network demands entering the most appropriate password
  • Once logged in successfully, it will seem to be a cake walk to change entire settings
  • Users going for wireless operations need to discover unique alternatives

There is no need to go for a cumbersome process at any cost. The moment you are able to ensure about high security if your computer system from viruses, you will be safe enough to carry on with further procedures. Get ready!

How to Reset Your Router

Planning to Reset Your Router? Below is a Step by Step Guide!

A router is the root for enjoying benefits of internet connection. There are times when we log out without being cautious. Nothing to worry as resetting router is now a piece of cake.

The internet has become a vital part of human life. Without it, we cannot survive in this world. Do you think that it is possible to enjoy fringe benefits of internet connection without a router? No, not at all! It is an electronic device that contributes in smooth networking all along various networks.

  1. Whether you send an email or browse Google, everything is possible through a router in a proper working condition.
  2. There are times when we commit small blunders thus resulting in paying heavily. Did you log out of the router? No problem! Log in again by supplying the security password.

What Happened? Did You Forget the Password?

Did you forget even that? Are you getting nightmares? Just chill as nothing is impossible in this world of high technology.

  1. High advancement in technology has opened the gateway towards coming out of all sorts of hassles in an enjoyable manner.
  2. Busy work schedule along with imbalanced lifestyle is the final result of the same.
  3. It is time to provide high level of relief to your mind thus preventing unnecessary lamentation. You have lost nothing.
  4. Resetting the password of your router is now a cup of tea.
    Below is an easy to follow guide that will definitely help you to come out of this difficult situation smoothly!.

Backing Up the Entire Setting of Your Router

First and foremost it is a good advice to go for :

  • Resetting the default password.
  • If you are familiar to it and recall the same, it is alright.
  • Else, go through the original documents..

You may also pay a visit to the website of the manufacturer of the router and fetch the default username and password for convenience.
On your way to carry with this procedure, it is advisable to be a bit careful. Though an easy process, but will erase all your existing settings as well as configurations. You need to start everything anew from the scratch. Hence, it is a great step to back up and save your entire settings.

Step by Step Instruction

It is high time to start with the operation! Below is a step by step guide that will be of great assistance to you:

  • Once you locate the Reset button, it needs to be pressed and hold for at least twenty seconds. After done, release. Flickering of all lights on the router indicates full rebooting of the entire router.
  • The next step is a bit interesting! The internet browser must be opened followed by typing the IP address of the router in the address bar. You will be taken to the login page where default username and password must be entered.
  • It is good to hit the login option rather than hitting the Enter key. The moment your router is in the setup utility, it is time to restore all previous configurations. It is now possible to setup the entire password anew.
  • IP addresses of routers vary on the basis of models manufactured. Though by default, username and password are admin and password respectively. Still, refer to the manual of the router for detailed information.

Shoot the change and restart with your work.

The time when is used is an IP address, which is configured without are in case of any kind of conflicts. There is hardly any difference in behavior with other IP addresses of the same type. It is not necessary to set your router IP address as a mentioned one unless you face issues. Other factors are discussed here.

What is IP?

If you are a regular user of the Internet, you must have heard about the IP address It is an IP address, which is used for the configuration of the router and change a number of other settings related to it. But in most of the cases the IP address is not the different IP address, which is attached to the router firmware by default. That was the IP address is configured to be the configuration page for the router, it can help you in doing are changing all kinds of tasks, which are available in the default IP address of the router.

What does do?

Actually a number of providers assigned the static IP address starting with 192.168.1.X. In such a case, it becomes difficult for the router to recognize the incoming connection and the hosts connected to the router. It is because the router configured all the clients with the IP address 192.168.1.X or 192.162.X.X. In the case of routers with as the configuring IP address, nothing is changed except for the address, where the settings can be accessed. If the service provider assigns the IP address 192.162.1.X, your router will automatically ask you to change the starting pool of IP address for the devices to be connected to the router.

How to login

Similar to other routers, on opening the IP address, you will be asked to enter the username and the password for the router. After entering the username and password you can get all the settings, which can be configured on the router, including the administrative settings to change various aspects related to your router. In case you face any kind of problems with opening the IP address, you will have to contact your manufacturer, or reset the router in order to check whether the problem is resolved, with your router.

Default Modem Passwords

Changing the router configuration settings in order to access the Internet

If you are using router in a large office, the IP address that will be assigned to your router is generally The settings from the Internet are subject to very depending upon your ISP. But some basic information is provided here. Read it and configure your connection.

What is

The IP address is the default IP address for certain home broadband routers and broad bands as well as modems including Some 3Com Office Connect routers, Billion ADSL routers, Linksys SRW2024 managed switches. Similar to a number of different outers, which are available, in order to configure the settings of the router you will have to enter Depending upon the router you are using, you might have a different IP address for checking and changing the configuration page of your router. In most of the cases the following IP address is used for routers, which are used for official and large business purposes. For home and small office users the above-mentioned IP address is not used extensively. In such cases from other IP address is used in order to access the configuration page of the router.

What does do?

After getting the router, your 1st task will be to visit the IP address, or any other IP address depending upon the model of your router. You will have to open the browser and enter the following IP address in order to access the configuration page. You will have to enter the username and password, which is written on the documentation manual, or it might be disclosed to you by the retailer, from home you have purchased the router. After you open it, you will have to configure the settings in order to get access to the Internet, depending upon your ISP settings.

How to enter into IP

Depending upon the type of Internet connection you are taking from your ISP, settings for the router is subject to change, and it is completely dependent upon your ISP consideration. If you are using a static IP address for accessing the Internet, you will have to enter the static IP, which is used to connect to the Internet by going to the appropriate settings. Some Routers also have ADSL connections along with digital connections. In such cases you will have to enter your ADSL details, which are the username and password, followed by the type of connection you are having, which will be mentioned by your Internet service provider.

What is

In most of the Routers, which are sold outside the US, you will find that the configuration page of those routers is generally The configuration page is opened with the help of the IP address in most of the home broadband Routers. After opening the address, you will have to configure the settings and depending upon the settings provided by your Internet service provider or the broadband connection service provider. It is very easy to under the router, once you get all the details of the settings from your service provider. The details of configuring your router are given here. In this router, you can access its management console through a web browser at

What does do?

Once you open the configuration page, and enter the username and password, you can find all the settings, which you can configure, on your router. You find the most appropriate place, where you can enter or change the settings meant for accessing the Internet. Generally the broadband service provider’s give you static IP addresses is a dynamic IP address. If you are a normal user, you will get a dynamic IP address for accessing the Internet. It means the IP address will change every time you connect to the Internet, or restart your router from time to time.

How to login to

It is very easy to login to All you need to do is get into the control panel of your wireless router operation. You must login to the only clear evidence to address You can enter this address into your browser, you can copy the manual or you can click on to the button on the site. Most users frequently encounter access problems due to entering of wrong password. You can retrieve he username and password by resetting the router by turning it off and on.

How to enter the

The broadband service provider will recognize you as a customer with the help of a particular user ID and password. After opening the configuration page, you will get an option to configure your router with a dynamic IP address to connect to the Internet. Once you open the place, you will have to enter the identification number and the password, in order to connect to the Internet. The router will automatically arrange the requirements in order to connect to the Internet, with the user ID and password entered by you it is the easiest way of configuring your router to access the Internet through dynamic IP address.

The details of the IP address

You must have come across IP address, which is a different gateway for a number of routers. Apart from it, it can also come with a different IP address for your router. Different factors relate to it. Know different factors about it over here.

What is IP

The tech users must have heard about the IP address, which has a number of functionalities, when Internet connection is concerned. In most of the cases it is given as a different IP address in order to access the router settings for a number of router brands, while it has other functionalities in the world of the Internet, as well. Apart from using it as a router’s default IP address, it is also used as a default gateway after a computer connects to the Internet via a router, and it is visible in the operating system, while having a look at the default gateway of the computer or the connected device.

What does IP do?

In most of the cases it is given as a different IP address in order to access the router settings for a number of router brands, while it has other functionalities in the world of the Internet, as well. Apart from using it as a router’s default IP address, it is also used as a default gateway after a computer connects to the Internet via a router, and it is visible in the operating system, while having a look at the default gateway of the computer or the connected device. The IP address is sometimes also used as a default local address for all kinds of network routers. It has a number of other functions where it is also used as a default gateway after a computer connects to the Internet via a router, and it is visible in the operating system, while having a look at the default gateway of the computer or the connected device.

How to go to IP

The IP HTTP:// is one of the wireless router default IP addresses that are commonly used today. It is always good to know the default IP addresses if you want to do some networking tasks by yourself. This means enabling and disabling the wireless Internet, modifying the network name and securing the wireless network. So how do you enter this IP address? You need to be connected to the network for it to work. If it is a wireless connection you will be logged out. Click on the save button and make all the changes. Make sure to type and not 1o.o.o.1

The IP address of

Among the most popular IP addresses, which are used on home and office networks is one of them. It will offer you are a number of functionalities. A few of the capabilities are discussed here. Read it to know the capabilities of the IP address.

What is IP address? is one of the IP addresses, which are attached with a few router manufacturers for changing the settings and doing other administrative tasks. It is one of the uncommon IP addresses, and thus, it is not found in all the routers, which you will come across in your life. In case the user face any kind of problem with his Internet connection or problems with LAN connection, it is necessary for the user to open the mentioned IP address to change the settings and troubleshoot the problem.

What does do?

On opening the IP address that is, you can get a graphical user interface or GUI, where you can check and change the settings depending upon your requirements, or change the settings in order to check with one can be the most appropriate setting for your Internet connection. From manufacturer to manufacturer the interface is a subject to change, but it will be readable enough for you to understand. It can help you to change a number of different aspects like DNS options, settings related to Wi-Fi and LAN, checking the devices which are currently connected to your network, and different other matters related to your Internet connection, etc.

How to enter into

If you are having some problems configuring the router to then the best solution is to again reboot your router by turning it off and then turning it on again. You can also reset your router to its factory settings. You should note that all the custom setting would be lost if you select the factory settings. If neither of this is working, try out by fixing the same by performing a network scan. The router settings can be accessed and modified from a computer connected to the router. The router settings can be accessed and modified from a computer connected to the router. This configuration page can be accessed on the router through the Internet browser. These are the various ways in which you can enter the IP address

What is

The IP address is the address of some home use broadband router and it is mainly the default value of D-Link and Net gear model routers. This IP address a be changed using the network router management console at any time. This is basically a private IPv4 network address. The Home use router can be used to set up the default gateway. This router can help you to access its management console through a web browser at can use this address or similar private IPv4 address to solve it.

What does do?

The IP is a private IP address that is most commonly used by Netgear and D link routers. These brands are competitors to the Linksys division of Cisco, incorporated. If there is another router installed on a local network that uses the same default IP, accessing the network router’s administrator console can also change it. Part from using for the routers initial set up, is also used to identify network connectivity problems with D-Link and Netgear products.

How to login to the IP

IP address is the address of some home-use broadband router. After you get the correct IP address in order to access the router configuration page, you will have to enter the username and password, which will be given by the manufacturer in the documentation manual. The daily the username and password the same for all Routers offer certain manufacturer, and you might check it from the documentation or ask it from your friends. You can change the username and password if you think it is musically or keep the default username and password for your router.

Default Modem Router Passwords