The IP address of

Among the most popular IP addresses, which are used on home and office networks is one of them. It will offer you are a number of functionalities. A few of the capabilities are discussed here. Read it to know the capabilities of the IP address.

What is IP address? is one of the IP addresses, which are attached with a few router manufacturers for changing the settings and doing other administrative tasks. It is one of the uncommon IP addresses, and thus, it is not found in all the routers, which you will come across in your life. In case the user face any kind of problem with his Internet connection or problems with LAN connection, it is necessary for the user to open the mentioned IP address to change the settings and troubleshoot the problem.

What does do?

On opening the IP address that is, you can get a graphical user interface or GUI, where you can check and change the settings depending upon your requirements, or change the settings in order to check with one can be the most appropriate setting for your Internet connection. From manufacturer to manufacturer the interface is a subject to change, but it will be readable enough for you to understand. It can help you to change a number of different aspects like DNS options, settings related to Wi-Fi and LAN, checking the devices which are currently connected to your network, and different other matters related to your Internet connection, etc.

How to enter into

If you are having some problems configuring the router to then the best solution is to again reboot your router by turning it off and then turning it on again. You can also reset your router to its factory settings. You should note that all the custom setting would be lost if you select the factory settings. If neither of this is working, try out by fixing the same by performing a network scan. The router settings can be accessed and modified from a computer connected to the router. The router settings can be accessed and modified from a computer connected to the router. This configuration page can be accessed on the router through the Internet browser. These are the various ways in which you can enter the IP address