What is

The IP address is the address of some home use broadband router and it is mainly the default value of D-Link and Net gear model routers. This IP address a be changed using the network router management console at any time. This is basically a private IPv4 network address. The Home use router can be used to set up the default gateway. This router can help you to access its management console through a web browser at can use this address or similar private IPv4 address to solve it.

What does do?

The IP is a private IP address that is most commonly used by Netgear and D link routers. These brands are competitors to the Linksys division of Cisco, incorporated. If there is another router installed on a local network that uses the same default IP, accessing the network router’s administrator console can also change it. Part from using for the routers initial set up, is also used to identify network connectivity problems with D-Link and Netgear products.

How to login to the IP

IP address is the address of some home-use broadband router. After you get the correct IP address in order to access the router configuration page, you will have to enter the username and password, which will be given by the manufacturer in the documentation manual. The daily the username and password the same for all Routers offer certain manufacturer, and you might check it from the documentation or ask it from your friends. You can change the username and password if you think it is musically or keep the default username and password for your router.

Default Modem Router Passwords